Stressful Negotiations: the Tale of Anrakyr the Traveller

“What ho, down there! Make way, the Traveller is coming ashore!”

Anrakyr loved saying that. The title of “the Traveller” had appealed to him ever since he took it. It had such a wonderful sense of danger and adventure to it.

Come to think of it, so did his life, now. Well, unlife.

The Orks had been smashed, thanks to his timely intervention. Zahndrekh’s forces were doing fairly well, he had to admit, but surely the day would not have been won if Anrakyr hadn’t leapt in to drive the greenskins back.

Now if only these damned Gidrims would recognize that and pay their tithe.

“We cannot spare anyone. Go away.”

“Surely you can’t be serious. I just saved your world! I’m entitled to compensation. 5 companies of warriors, 2 squads of immortals, and 3 Canoptek battalions. That’s all I ask. Surely you can spare that?”

“We cannot spare anyone. Go away.”

How was he supposed to unite the tomb worlds if all of them refused to help him keep up his army?

Anrakyr looked back down from the commscreen to his databanks. The intervention had cost him a great deal of manpower. The Orks couldn’t stand against his armored divisions, but his infantry had been ravaged, torn apart under the green tide. Scarabs had been trampled, warriors had been ripped apart, and he was pretty sure he’d seen a few immortal heads on the trophy poles of a number of nob corpses.

Anrakyr turned to the crew of the Tombship.

“Well, brave hearts, it looks like we might have some more fighting ahead of us. Organize a landing party. Launch on my command.”

The crew around him stared vacantly for a few moments, then got to work.

Anrakyr waited a few minutes to give them a head start, and hailed the surface once more.

“Last chance. I’m willing to bargain a bit. 3 warrior companies, 1 squad of immortals, and 2 Canoptek battalions?”

The Lord on the viewscreen stared directly at him for several minutes. Anrakyr wondered at the meaning of this hesitation.

His wondering stopped as the Lord looked down, and the viewscreen collapsed into static.

“Launch,” sighed a resigned Anrakyr. He went to his personal shuttle, to prepare his command barge for the raid.


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