Great Services and Greater Goods: The Tale of the Tau

Trazyn looked at the alien with a smirk. At least, he thought he was trying to smirk. Necrodermis made it so hard to emote.

“So, we have a deal?”

“Of course. Anyone willing to fight for the Greater Good is our friend, and crushing these invaders serves the Greater Good. Why would you question it?”

“I just want to be certain. Caution never goes astray.”

“Put your mind at ease,” the Ethereal said. “We fight together, for the good of the T’au Empire!”

Trazyn nodded, barely paying attention. The ancient jewels of the barial people of the planet Xenthon VI would soon be all his.

“Perhaps we can interest you in a more permanent arrangement, Trazyn of Solemnace? Your willingness to serve the Greater Good is commendable. We wish to commend it further in the future.”

Trazyn snapped back to the present.

“That’s PHAERON Trazyn. And no thank you. That is not in the best interests of the Solemnace Dynasty at this time.”

“Fair enough. The offer will still stand, any time you wish to accept it.”

“Yes, yes, I know. Be ready to move on my signal. Make sure you strike the right location. I assure you, hitting this place will break the invaders and send them scurrying from the system.”

It was a lie. Of course it was. The Tau would invade, give Trazyn cover to retrieve the relics, and then he would leave them to the aliens’ mercy. Not that the extragalactic monsters understood the concept of mercy.

“We will be there. You can be sure of it. Fight with honor.”

“I never fight any other way,” Trazyn replied. He thought about how to end the conversation. Realizing he did not know the traditional Tau farewell, he settled on his favorite, a human term, pulled from archives recovered on several conquered worlds.



The viewscreen went blank.


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