Hammer & Anvil: the Tale of the Inquisition

“We shall smite the heretics together!”

“Of course.”

“For the glory of the Imperium!”

“Naturally,” Phornekhan said.

The Overlord of the small, yet substantial Hanekhim Dynasty attempted to stifle a yawn that he quickly realized would never come.

It had been so easy to get the Inquisitor playing into his hands. A single word, “Chaos”, and the small man’s attention was his for the taking.

“You will be allowed to leave the battleground in peace when we are done.”

“We will not exercise that right.”


A snag. This was unforeseen.

“We will not leave.”

“You must. The Emperor demands it.”

“This is our conquest. This planet will be ours. We will take it. You will be allowed to leave in peace.”

The Inquisitor was visibly angered by this suggestion. Phornekan noted this for future reference.

“YOU will leave. WE will take the world. DO NOT QUESTION THE WILL OF THE EMPEROR, FOUL XENOS!”

“If it is his will, he can fight for it himself.”

“He will not! The Ordo Malleus will do so for him!”

“Then the Ordo Malleus will be destroyed.”

“YOU will be destroyed!”

This was only getting worse. Phornekhan had hoped his threats would be sufficient. Evidently, they would not. Perhaps a gentler touch was needed here.

“One moment, please.”

Phornekhan called his Lords to the bridge for advice.

“Actually, I will call you back in a moment. I must confer with my advisors.”

“I pray they show you reason, heretic!”

The council convened. It discussed. And it gave its opinion.

Phornekhan re-opened the transmission.

“We will take only equipment and artefacts we find on the battlefield after looting the dead, these Chaos Space Marines. You will be allowed to take the world.”

“It is good to see that you have finally bowed to the will of the Emperor! I had feared we would have to destroy you now and fight alone!”


Phornekhan considered this. It meant that this battle would not be the end of the war, though the Inquisitor would be allowed to think it had. After taking the world once, the Necrons would be forced to take it again, albeit from less substantially entrenched forces.

Of course, the artefacts they took from the fallen foe could easily make the second battle entirely one-sided. On top of that, it wasn’t like Phornekhan had any interest in protecting his “allies” during the battle, and the Inquisitor had made his disdain for the Necrons perfectly clear already.

“We march for the Ecclesiarchy!”

“Yes. It is as you say.”

“May the Emperor tolerate your continued existence, xenos.”

The transmission cut out. Phornekhan barely noticed the Inquisitor’s rudeness. He was too busy planning the Inquisitor’s inevitable downfall.


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